Indonesia names five new National Geoparks

Indonesia has officiated five geoparks located all across the nation as National Geoparks.

These five places are Aspiring Geopark Belitung, Raja Ampat Geopark, Tambora Geopark, Maros Tangkep Geopark dan Bojonegoro Geopark.

The inauguration ceremony was conducted during the Belitung National Geopark Seminar on Nov. 24 in Belitung.

These five geoparks deserve to get a certification from the Indonesian National Committee. The certificate will be submitted to the UNESCO for cultural heritage and world heritage categories.

Geopark Indonesia Taskforce head Yunus Kusumabrata said that these National Geoparks had to undergo the evaluation process from 12 judges.

The evaluation process was conducted on Oct. 31 and divided into three categories: Category A was for geoparks that earned the score above 70 percent, category B was for geoparks that earned between 60 to 70 percent and category C was between 50 to 60 percent.

Those that belonged in the category C will be put on probation period for six months.

“If in the six months time the geopark doesn’t do any of the improvements requested by the judging panel, then we will re-evaluate its status,” said Yusuf.

From the evaluation process, Aspiring Pulau Belitung, Raja Ampat and Tambora Geoparks were listed in the B category, Geopark Maros was in the C category and Geopark Bojonegoro was in the D category which means that Geopark Bojonegero needs to make improvements based on the recommendation from the judging panel within one year time. (asw)


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