Three Indonesian Archives Recognized as Collective Memory of the World

JAKARTA, NNC – Three documentary heritages of Indonesia including Borobudur conservation archives, the archives of the Indian Ocean tsunami and the script of Panji Story (Cerita Panji) have been recognized as the collective Memory of the World or MoW by UNESCO.

“These documentary heritages are important proof in the history of mankind, the documents proposed are as a global cultural heritage and have links with other nations,” said Acting Head of Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) Bambang Subiyanto in Jakarta, Monday (12/11/2017).

He said the documents will be preserved and carried over the media and disseminated to the public.

The conservation archive of Borobudur was initiated by Borobudur Conservation Center under the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The reason Borobudur Conservation Center filed the conservation archive of Borobudur is because it is the largest conservation project in the 20th century internationally funded and is the first project that uses modern techniques for monument conservation.

The international recognition of the Borobudur conservation archive has an important role for the development of the latest conservation science and can be used to find solutions to existing conservation issues.

Meanwhile, the script of Cerita Panji is proposed by the National Library of Indonesia by way of nominations together with Malaysia, Cambodia, Netherlands and Britain.

Cerita Panji is a literary work of the 13th century and became one of Java’s literary developments without being overshadowed by the Indian epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Then the archive of the Indian Ocean tsunami was proposed by the National Archives of Republic of Indonesia as a joint nomination with Sri Lanka, as quoted from Antara.

This documentary legacy consists of a set of archives in various media that record the events of the Indian Ocean tsunami, disaster response and most of the rehabilitation and reconstruction. So far Indonesia has had some internationally recognized documentary heritage as world memory such as La Galigo script in 2011, Nagarakertagama in 2013, the script of Babad Diponegoro in 2013 and the archive of the Asian-African Conference in 2015.

According to plan next year Indonesia will propose two documents that have value as world memory, namely the archives of Non-Aligned Movement and Sukarno documents.

Editor: Hari Wiseno


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